Karen Toulmin is a Professional Triathlete and a role model for those who juggle full lives and just make things happen anyway.

2018 will see Karen campaign through Asia, Australia and New Zealand with the aim of qualifying for the 2018 lronman 70.3 World Championship, and 2019 XTERRA World Championship. Commencing her second year racing as a professional, her aim is to build herself a reputation as one of Australasia’s top performing professional athletes – in a season that will include a mix of on and off-road racing against the world’s best female athletes.

What makes Karen’s story so remarkable is the fact that she only took up triathlon in 2014 as a 30 year old mother who farms and manages the family’s 211ha sheep and beef property in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. By integrating her training with her farming, she has been able to create a unique training regimen that allows her to build her strength, power and endurance while fitting in life as a busy farm owner.

Karen trains under multiple Ironman Champion Gina Crawford; and Reece Kennedy, Jillyfish Swim School.

Whilst born in South Australia, Australia – Karen is firmly settled in New Zealand with local citizenship – she represents New Zealand.

She is focused on achieving and sustaining her success as a professional athlete over the next 5 years. She is at the peak of her career physically and has the mental toughness and dedication required to achieve her goals. Success at this level requires incredible talent, drive, planning and commitment to achieve the result milestones. It also requires a dedicated team of supporters who help make things happen and provide the encouragement and practical assets to compete.

While ultimately it is Karen who rides the kilometres, runs the marathons, and swims the distance, she has built a team of key advisers who ensure that she is at her best whenever she competes.

These include:

Former Coach
I  coached Karen for over 3 years, taking her from inexperience age grouper to professional athlete. She has the ability, talent, and drive to go far in Triathlon and is never afraid of putting in the effort required to compete at ‘pro’ level. The way she conducts herself has gained her many followers and supporters who identify with her as a working mum and are inspired to see her achievements. She understands the sponsor/athlete relationship well and has always put in the extra effort to promote those that support her.

Tony Harding, Cranked Cycles

Swimming Coach
Karen’s ability to take instruction, combined with her strong work ethic has enabled her to come a long way with her swimming in a very short time. As an athlete, she is mentally tough, has the ability to identify problems and seek assistance, and as a result we will continue to see improvement in all three disciplines.

Reece Kennedy, Jillyfish Swim School

Karen’s commitment to achieving her goals is unrivalled. My role is to keep Karen in optimum physiological condition so that she can do this.

Tony Snell, Proactive Hastings

Triathlons demand a lot from competitors but those competitors who do the right training and maintain their peak condition can successfully compete well into their forties – meaning that Karen could be and intends to compete for the next decade. Karen’s performances are improving and show no signs of peaking which should have her competitors worried.

Karen is driven by the desire to win and a passion for what she does. Focused and disciplined, she understands that there are no short-cuts to success and her goals over the next 12 months:

  • Establish herself with wins/podium finishes as a professional athlete
  • Qualifying for 2019 XTERRA World Championship, Maui
  • Qualify for  2108 Ironman 70.3 World Championship, South Africa
  • Step up to commence racing first Full Ironman Distance

Unique Appeal
Karen is recognised as a committed parent, a successful farmer and a professional athlete. She is strong, successful, determined, focused and fully engaged in each aspect of her life. Karen is inspiring and a role model for those who juggle full lives and just make things happen anyway. In fact, she is the living embodiment of the famous Nike catch phrase – Just Do It!

If you are looking for a brand ambassador that communicates the values of hard-work, focus and achieving in a busy world, Karen brings a warm personality and feminine smile to what she does.